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SUSCLEAN (Sustainable Cleaning and Disinfection in Fresh-Cut Food Industries) will contribute to the development and implementation of a new generation of environment-friendly equipment sanitation and food product decontamination technologies ensuring food safety. SUSCLEAN is focused on minimally-processed vegetables (MPV) i.e. vegetables physically altered from their original form by slicing and cutting but remaining in a fresh state.

Expected outcomes: develop knowledge, methods and tools aimed at :

  • designing new decontamination approaches for MPV and sanitation strategies for their processing equipment along the supply chain;

  • proposing guidance and recommendations to renew the best available processing techniques (BAT);

  • considering the impact of sanitation and decontamination strategies in line with the Directive on Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) 2008/1/CE;

  • improving the hygienic design of equipment for the fresh-cut product industry.

SUSCLEAN has received an EC contribution of 3 million € in the topic "Sustainable cleaning and disinfection technologies". The project will last 3 years starting on 1st January 2012.

The SUSCLEAN Consortium involves 21 public and private partners from Europe under coordination of Thierry Bénézech from the INRA-Lille, France